Our Team Is Experienced And Certified

The teachers and staff at MMPP are trained and experienced early childhood educators. Each member meets the State of California’s Preschool requirements and continues to improve their techniques and knowledge. They are also CPR & First Aid certified, but most importantly they are parents. With years of experience, MMPP teachers and staff provide the best educational experience.

MMPP Staff


Mrs. Coleman

Office Manager

Mrs. Hilley

Office Manager

Mrs. Aceron

2’s & Young 3’s Teacher – Room 5
3-Day Older 3's Teacher - Room 4 
2-Day Aide - Room 5

Mrs. De Villa

3-Day Older 3’s Teacher – Room 4
2-Day Aide – Room 5
Combo 3's

Mrs. Gray

Combo 3’s & 4’s Teacher – Room 3
4's Teacher - Room 2

Mrs. McCarthy

4’s Teacher – Room 2
Older 4's

Mrs. Bennett

Older 4’s & Younger 5’s Teacher – Room 7
Lead Teacher's Aide 
5-Day Aide - Room 7

Mrs. J

Lead Teacher’s Aide
5-Day Aide – Room 7
5-Day Aide - Room 3

Miss Hilley

5-Day Aide – Room 3
3-Day Aide - Room 5

Mrs. K

3-Day Aide – Room 5
3-Day Aide - Room 4

Mrs. G

3-Day Aide – Room 4
5-Day Aide - Room 2

Mrs. Conover

5-Day Aide – Room 2