Join Our Family At MMPP By Registering Your Little One!

If you’d like to register your child at MMPP, please select the program you’d like them enrolled in below

Step 1

View our “Curricula” to see what our programs focus on developing

Step 2

View our “Requirements” to see if your child meets our programs’ criteria along with important documents that must be filled out

Step 3

View the “Fees” to see the costs of registering your child to our program

Step 4

Download the Registration Form to print and fill out. You may scan your completed form and email it to or mail it to: 8081 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126

Step 5

Schedule a tour with us for free! Click here or call us at (858) 578-2160


2’s and Young 3’s focuses on:

Positive self concept

Social skills

Communication abilities

Physical growth

Enjoyment of creative art & music

Knowledge of math & science

3, 4 & 5’s focuses on:

Physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development

Advance knowledge in math & science

Further knowledge in language & literacy

Build knowledge in music

Refinement of movement

Creative Process Art


We accept all children regardless of race, nationality, and religious background. We hold you and your child’s best interest and ask for the minimum requirements:

2’s and Young 3’s:

Student is/becomes 2 years old by September

Can be in diapers or pull-ups

3, 4, & 5’s:

Student is/becomes 2 years old by September

Must be potty trained

Important Document to Supply:

We will need your child’s current immunizations record.

Once your child is registered, we will provide you with a packet of paperwork to fill out. Thank you!

Our Program Fees

Click on one of the buttons below to get an idea of how much it would cost to register your little one with us: