Developmental Goals

Social, Emotional and Spiritual Development

  • Separation from family/ able to adjust to new situations
  • Demonstrates appropriate trust in teachers
  • Stands up for self
  • Able to make friends
  • Accepts responsibility for the care of materials and equipment
  • Competent in self-help skills
  • Shows cooperation in play and shared activities
  • Show persistence in approaching task
  • Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts
  • Show understanding of God’s love and God’s creation
  • Show skills necessary to be a productive member of a learning community

Cognitive Development

  • Able to manipulate, investigate, act upon, rearrange and/or change a variety of age appropriate materials
  • Able to see similarities/differences
  • Awareness of classification; serration; quantification; patterning
  • Shows awareness of spatial relationships
  • Uses numbers and counting
  • Demonstrates problem solving skills
  • Takes on pretend roles and situations
  • Make believe with objects
  • Makes and interprets representations

Language Development

  • Hears and discriminates the sound of language
  • Able to communicate their feelings, needs and thoughts
  • Able to ask question; able to answer questions
  • Understands and follows directions
  • Participates in conversations
  • See relationship between the written and spoken word
  • Uses expanded vocabulary in relation to body parts, colors, textures
  • Demonstrates knowledge of alphabet
  • Listens to and comprehends books/enjoys and values reading
  • Write name
  • Writes letters and words
  • Uses emerging reading skills to make meaning from print

Physical Development

  • Demonstrates basic abilities to run, jump, gallop, hop
  • Climbs confidently up and down play equipment
  • Rides a tricycle
  • Can throw, kick, and catch
  • Can manipulate small items
  • Demonstrates eye-hand coordination
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Holds a writing tool

Just for two’s

We are delighted to welcome two year old children into our weekday morning preschool program! Two year olds have special developmental needs that are different from our older preschool children. Our goal is to work together with parents to meet the special needs of each child and to help each child develop a positive self concept.

Our program will help two year olds to…

  • Learn new social skills (interact with other children and adults)
  • Increase their language communication abilities (being exposed to descriptive language)
  • Enhance physical growth (both small motor coordination and large muscle development)
  • Experience creative art (lots of paint, playdough, and gluing)
  • Enjoy music (to listen, clap, wiggle and use musical instruments)
  • Be aware of science and math (by observing and interacting with the world around them)
  • Each day in the two year old room is filled with fun and laughter balanced with a familiar daily routine and the teacher’s loving guidance

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