Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Developmentally Appropriate

We provide a developmentally appropriate program that promotes opportunities for spiritual growth, social competence, intellectual growth, emotional development, and physical development.

  • Provide materials and experiences that encourage active exploration and discovery
  • Provide challenges for children to learn to work through and work out
  • Help children gain problem solving skills and conflict resolution
  • Provide opportunities to encourage expressive and receptive language skills
  • Provide opportunities to develop both small and large motor development
  • Work on development of self help skills
  • Provide opportunities for children to explore and express their creativity

Celebrate Uniqueness

Celebrate the uniqueness of individual children, families and staff.

  • Work towards understanding and responding to individual needs and making appropriate modification
  • Work with children and families to respect one another and work cooperatively
  • Be inclusive of all children and families served

Develop Relationships

Develop active relationships with each child’s family we serve.

  • Build a sense of belonging and community
  • Be responsive and supportive of individual needs
  • Encourage parents by helping them to understand the stages of development that they observe in their child

Christian Values

Sharing Christian Values through word and deed with children, families, and staff of the Preschool.

  • Informal visits to the Sanctuary
  • Share the beauty and wonder of creation
  • Help children and families develop an awareness of God and his love for us through the gift of Jesus
  • Celebrate seasons and holidays with a Christian emphasis
  • Pray for children, families, staff and before meals


Provide a safe, healthy environment for all children.

  • Be responsive to health needs of children served including allergies
  • Check classroom, playground and equipment routinely for safety concerns
  • Clean and disinfect classrooms and restrooms

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