Our program is based on a social framework to…

Developmentally Appropriate
We provide a developmentally appropriate program in which we value social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. Some of our program highlights:

  • Active exploration and discovery
  • Gain problem solving and self-help strategies
  • Development expressive and receptive language skills
  • Small and large motor development skills
  • Expression of creativity and uniqueness

Celebrating Uniqueness
Every child, family, and staff member emit their own unique light in the world. In order to embrace uniqueness, we are committed to being:

  • Understanding
  • Flexible
  • Cooperative
  • All-inclusive

Develop Relationships
Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with children and their families is something we highly value and cherish. We strive to be:

  • Responsive and supportive
  • Encouraging and helpful to parents
  • Innovative to build a sense of community and acceptance

Christian Values
Incorporating Christian values through the word and deeds of children, families, and staff members. We promote the following:

  • Visits to the sanctuary
  • Sharing the beauty and wonder of creation
  • Helping children and families develop an awareness of God’s love
  • Conducting prayers for children, families, and staff before meals

Your child’s safety is our number one concern. We value the following:

  • Responsive to children’s health needs
  • Inspection of the classroom, playground, and equipment regularly for safety concerns
  • Ensuring clean and sanitized classrooms and restrooms

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