Our goal is not only to provide a curriculum conducive to “play learning”, with time and opportunity for these experiences, but also to provide a safe, loving and caring atmosphere. The most important contribution that can be made to a child’s development is the experience of genuine supportive love and acceptance. Children who learn to like themselves and value themselves will accomplish the greatest realization of their potential.

To develop the total child, learning experiences will be provided to include an entire range of growth:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Creative

Our goal is to develop the total child and to remain responsive to each child’s special needs and to recognize and help draw out that unique spark that makes that child truly individual. A child will never again learn so much in so short a time.

Our Staff looks forward to working with you to provide the best learning environment possible for your child. Curriculum means a written plan that includes:

  • Goals for children’s development and learning
  • The experiences through which they will achieve these goals
  • What staff and parents do to help children achieve these goals
  • The materials needed to support the implementation of the curriculum


Children learn best when they are

  • Nurtured and respected
  • Comfortable, safe, secure, and loved
  • Interested
  • Actively engaged
  • Partners in the classroom community

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