Mira Mesa Presbyterian Preschool programs and teachers are committed to the development of each child in various areas including:

Social, Emotional and Spiritual Development:

Your child will learn how to be social and independent while growing in their faith with the following skills:

Cognitive Development:

Our teachers and programs create a positive learning environment in which their natural curiosity can be explored and their cognitive thinking can blossom with the following skills:

Language Development:

Your child will learn how to express and articulate themselves with the following skills:

Physical Development:

Your child will learn the importance of physical fitness through play and maintain a physically healthy lifestyle with the following skills:

Just for 2’s

Mira Mesa Presbyterian Preschool offers a special developmental preschool program for our two-year-old children. Two-year-olds have special developmental needs that are different from our older preschool children. Our goal is to work together with parents to meet the special needs of each child and to teach each child to develop a positive self-concept. Each day in the two-year-old room is filled with fun and laughter balanced with a familiar daily routine and the teacher’s loving guidance.

Our program will help two-year-olds to:

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