Our Classes Are Tailored For Students To Succeed

At MMPP, we understand every student is unique and requires special attention. Therefore, each student is given special consideration to be placed in the best class that will benefit them the most.

Group placement is determined by the Director and the child’s:

Age and Maturity

Expressive Language Skills

Social Skills

Length of Attention Span

Terrific 2’s

Our Terrific 2’s program focuses on developing a positive self-concept while enhancing social skills, communication abilities, physical growth and educational enjoyment. Your little one must be at least 2 years old by September to join the class. Although we accept them in diapers or pull-ups, our Terrific 2’s teacher will focus on potty-training the students. She has had a 98% potty-training success rate thus far!

Thriving 3, 4, 5’s

Our Thriving 3, 4, & 5’s programs aim to enrich language, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development through educational activities. Your little one must be 2 years and 9 months old by September to join the classes. Children are placed in the following classrooms depending on our placement criteria. By dividing the age groups into their specialized classes, the teachers are able to work with students individually so that their personal goals are met.

Have Your Child Play And Learn With Us!

We would love to have your little one as a member of our classes and family!

Our Classes Are Filled With Fun And Smiles

Take a look at why our students love coming to school!

Terrific 2’s

  • Teriffic 2's classroom's center
  • Teriffic 2's classroom's right side
  • Mrs. Aceron playing with her student with sensory box during Family Day
  • family-day-room-2-student-getting-paint
  • family-day-room-2-student-excited-about-slime
  • family-day-student-playing-with-squishy-orbs
  • family-day-room-2-student-and-parent-playing-sand

Young 3’s

  • Young 3's classroom's left side
  • Young 3's classroom's center
  • Young 3's classroom's right side
  • Mrs. McCarthy playing with a student and chalk during Family Day
  • family-day-students-exploring-with-slime
  • family-day-student-playing-music-on-marimba
  • Young 3 Students Playing Dress Up 1

Older 3’s

  • Older 3's classroom's center
  • Older 3's classroom's left side
  • Older 3's classroom's play corner
  • Mrs. Labaw playing with students and goop during Family Day
  • family-day-student-and-parent-playing-with-shaving-cream
  • family-day-students-and-parents-playing-with-slime
  • family-day-student-hula-hooping

Combo 3-4’s

  • Combo 3 & 4 classroom's left side
  • Combo 3 & 4 classroom's view from entrance
  • Combo 3 & 4 classroom's right side
  • Mrs. Gray painting with a student during Family Day
  • Mrs. Gray talking with parents as a student paints on boxes
  • family-day-student-showing-parents-slime
  • family-day-students-showing-parents-how-to-paint

Young 4’s

  • Young 4's classroom's center
  • Young 4's classroom's back half
  • Young 4's classroom's play area
  • Young-4-Students-In-Playground
  • Young-4-Students-Digging-Mud
  • Young-4-Students-Dressing-Up
  • Young-4-Students-Sharing-A-Book

Older 4’s & Younger 5’s

  • Older 4's & Younger 5's classroom's left side
  • Older 4's & Younger 5's classroom's center
  • Older 4 & Younger 5 classroom's right side
  • Older-4-Younger-5-Students-Playing-With-Shaving-Cream

Our Playground

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