January – February 2015

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Director’s Message

Soon we will move from our San Diego “winter” on to spring. Each spring I write to parents about a developmental milestone that some of our “older” students may experience. There is no title for this situation so I will do my best to describe the situation.

Most children are well accli- mated to their school rou- tine and look forward to school days. However, in early spring even the most well adjusted child may suddenly cry “I don’t want to go to school” or “Mommy I will miss you”. Of course they will use their most convincing , sobbing voice to express their wants. My feeling is that children sub- consciously know they are growing up and will be experiencing a change in their life.

They hear parents talk about which kindergarten they will attend, they learn about kindergarten shots, and that their best friends will not be in their class. Not to mention Mrs. Wills or Mrs. Bowers or Mrs. Coleman will not be their teacher!!

Wow! That is a lot of change for a five year old to comprehend. How can we help children through this developmental struggle?

  1. Be consistent. Make sure your child does continue to come to preschool. This may be painful on some days but BE STRONG.
  2. Don’t go overboard discussing kindergar- ten topics in front of your child. Children have a poor concept of time. They might think kindergarten starts next week.
  3. Let your child’s teacher know if you are facing issues with your child. She certainly has ex- perience helping chil- dren (and parents) grow through this stage.

Happy Parenting!!




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