November – December 2013

November – December 2013

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Director’s Message

Hurray!! We have made it through the first two months of preschool and most children have adjusted to their preschool routine. Now it’s time to fast forward into the holiday season. Children are easily influenced by the TV commercials promoting the latest “must have” toys. If you want to maintain your sanity you will want to keep your children busy and away from the TV! Here are a few ideas: Plan a picnic outing to a nearby park. It would be fun to make a scavenger hunt with pictures of items to look for at the park. (a bird, swings, tables, flowers, a bug, a brown rock…for older preschoolers select more detailed items). Be sure to plan a reward for all participants.

Do a few simple crafts – make tissue paper gift wrap using paint and cookie cutters to stamp a pattern. Let children cut up old Christmas cards to use as gift tags. It is also “cheap” fun to give the children some of the really old wrapping paper that gets pushed to bottom of your box, some scissors, and a roll of tape. Let them gift wrap whatever they want— toys, books, blocks. Then they can have the fun of unwrapping the items. Be sure they help clean up.

Whatever you do please take TIME to be WITH your children. Observe their faces as they experience to many joys of the holidays. Teach them the true meaning of CHRISTmas.