May – June 2013

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May – June 2013

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Director’s Message

We are quickly approach-ing the end of our school year. When I observe the children in their daily interactions I am re-minded of how they have grown physically and matured developmentally. They are certainly differ-ent children than those little two, three and four year olds that timidly entered their new class-rooms in September. You, their parents, have learned the importance of providing a strong early childhood education to assist you in teaching your child.

Here are a few concepts I hope you have learned during your MMPP days;

1. YOU are your child’s most important teacher. Children learn first by example.

2. Be involved in your child’s school. Volunteer in their classroom, get to know the teacher.

3. Set FIRM rules for your children and always follow through. If you have trouble with the follow through, think of this as “anti-teenage re-bellion insurance”!

4. Love your children with all your heart and tell them so everyday.

If you are on to new ad-ventures in the fall we will miss you and your child. Come visit us through the years, we love to see how “our” chil-dren are doing. For those returning for Summer Camp or September programs, we will see you soon.

Blessings to all for a sum-mer filled with making memories.