March – April 2013

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March – April 2013

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Director’s Message

Can it really be possible spring is just around the corner? If you visit our preschool rooms in the next few weeks you will be able to see many signs of new life spring brings into our school.

Of course the most notice-able change is in the chil-dren. Each child has ex-perienced an amazing amount of growth, not just in their physical be-ing but also in their so-cial, emotional and cogni-tive skills.

I am certain parents are well aware their child acquires more new skills in their first five years of life than anytime in their future. Our MMPP staff is proud that you have selected our school to enhance your child’s con-tinuing development.

Early in March teachers will be meeting with each parent to share with you, your child’s progress. Pre-K parents will be interested to learn about their child’s readiness for kindergarten. Teacher’s are working with the Pre-K children to help them learn to write their first name, recognize their last name and also recognize letters and numbers.

If you are helping your child to learn to write there name or just “words” be certain to use upper and lower case letters. Kindergarten teachers want children to know how to use upper and lower case letters.

However, the very best preparation for kinder-garten is for a parent to read to their child EVE-RYDAY! Not only are children learning the importance of words but you are interacting with them, asking questions about the story. “What do you think will happen next or I wonder if…” are excellent ways to help your child develop and verbalize their thought processes.

Another fun letter recognition game is to look for specific letters in advertising signs as you drive about town. If does-n’t take long for children to “read” Target or Von’s!

Enriching your child’s learning skill is a very rewarding experience for both parents and chil-dren. After all you are your child’s life long teacher!

Happy Parenting!