January – February 2013

January – February 2013

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Director’s Message

Happy New Year 2013!! Our school year is moving so quickly. Parents begin to realize it won’t be long until their pre-k students will take that giant step to kindergarten.

In 2013 new kindergarteners must be five years old by OCTOBER 1. Our staff has complied a list of important skills you and your child should be working on now in preparation for Sept. kindergarten classes.
1. Spend time with your child, without distractions (no cell phone)
2. Read to your child everyday
3. EXPECT your child to follow simple rules.
4. Help your child develop independence and responsibility. Do NOT do things for your child they can do for themselves. (getting dressed, including shoes and socks and toileting)

Kindergarten teachers have made the following suggestions;
Alphabet – recognize most upper & lower case letters
Numbers — recognize 1-20
Colors — recognize basic colors
Name — recognize first & last name, write first name
Shapes — recognize circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval
Birthday — say their date
Draw a picture

Our pre-k curriculum at MMPP is designed to encourage children to engage in activities which will enrich their pre-k skills. This is also a good time of year for parents to visit various kindergartens. If you are looking at a private school many of them have Open Houses early in the spring.

Check the San Diego school website,, for registration information. Dates are usually in the early Spring.

Happy Parenting!