November – December 2012

November – December 2012

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Director’s Message

We have made it through the first three months of preschool! The separation anxiety and tears of the first few weeks have faded and happy smiles are everywhere.

Now that Halloween is behind us it’s onto the holiday season! I do have some “preschool wisdom” mixed with “grandma advice” on how to survive this most stressful time of the year.

This holiday season help your family focus on the true meaning of CHRISTmas. Find activities that help establish family tradition; decorate your tree together, take a night time walk around your neighborhood to look at the colorful decorations. Even baking refrigerator cookies can fill an afternoon with fun.

Be selective in the number of holiday invitations you accept. Never attempt to participate in “everything”. Keep children on a fairly regular schedule or your family will suffer the consequences of whiny, tired and unhappy children. (And Mom’s & Dad’s!)

If you can think back to your childhood I believe you will realize the happiest holiday memories are of your family time together. So forget the stressful details and take time to enjoy your young children. Friends of mine don’t wrap “gifts from Santa”, after all when you see Santa’s sleigh the toys are spilling over the top of his bag and none of them are wrapped! What a savings of time and money.

May you have a Blessed

Diane Angus,