September – October 2012

September – October 2012

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Director’s Message

I would like to welcome each family to our 2012-13 school year! Do you know we are celebrating our 35th preschool year? We have several children enrolled whose parents were once students at MMPP. While our staff and program has evolved though the years we are proud to maintain an environment “where children come to learn through play.” Support from alumni parents continues to amaze us. So many times new families mention they came to our school due to recommendations from a former parent. So thank you all so very much for your positive feed back to friends and family. At this time all our classes are filled and we will use a waiting list to fill any openings that may occur during the school year. Your continuing referrals help keep our classes full!

A special request from a parent of a child with special concerns: PLEASE NOTIFY THE OFFICE WHENEVER YOUR CHILD HAS VOMITING OR DIAHERRA. This knowledge is important to the good health of this child. THANK YOU! I would like all parents to know they are always welcome to discuss ANY concerns they may have about MMPP. After all we are all here to fill each child’s pre-school years full of fun, growth and development.

Have a great fall!

Diane Angus,